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GIS Software Elshayal Smart Map Editor  17.001 Free Download 
It is a GIS Stand alone desktop application that allow the users to do the following functions
  1. Map Editing and Digitizing
  2. Convert GIS Shape to AutoCAD DXF File and Vise versa
  3. Building Tin Surface Analysis
  4. Building Contour Surface Analysis
  5. Converting 2D to 3D Surface Analysis
  6. Calculating 2D and 3D Areas and Volumes
  7. Convert Vector and Raster Layer Coordinates System between UTM and Geographic Lon-Lat
  8. Save layout images with written Lon and Lat coordinates to help exporting them to AutoCAD
  9. Download and save Google Earth Images as rectified images with world file format .jgw
  10. Makes Google Earth as a Background of your GIS Geographic Lon-Lat Map
  11. Convert and use all Transverse Mercator Projections & Transformations
  12. Convert Shape files to IIS Server GIS Web and Mobile Application with Label and Data Base Search
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شهادات منظومة سمارت جى اى اس Smart GIS Certificates

For Free Download :-
Version 17.001 to Convert GIS Shape files to HTML Google Map Web Mapping and Mobile Application with Label and Data Base Search

Spatial Digitizing and Editing

A)  Building New Shape File Spatial and Data Structure

Building New Spatial Shape File
Menu Layers New Layer Select Layer type
  • Move up, Moves the selected layer up
  • Move Down, moves the selected layer down
  • Show all Layers
  • Hide all Layers
  • New Layer, Build a new Layer
  • Add Layer, add an existing layer on the map viewer
  • Save Layer
  • Save Layer as, save the layer with different name
  • Rectify Image (2 points)
  • Un Rectify Image
  • Validate Layer boundaries
  • Go to Layer in Google Earth
  • Remove layer
  • Remove deleted features
  • Import structure from
  • Reload Layer
  • Set Layer Data Source
  • Data Table
  • Layer Properties
  • Zoom to Layer

B)  Digitizing Spatial Shape File ( Feature – Part – Vertex )

Digitizing Spatial Shape file
Buttons Add New Feature Start Digitizing
  • Finish Drawing
  • Start Drawing Circle in Active Layer
  • Add New Vertex in Editing Part
  • Add New Part in Editing Feature
  • Full extend
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Center
  • Pan move
  • Start Pan mode
  • Map Scale
  • Map Projection and Unit
  • Zoom Previous
  • Zoom Next
  • Refresh map
  • Copy Map to Clipboard

C)  Editing Shape File ( Feature – Part – Vertex )

Editing Spatial Shape file
Buttons Edit Feature Click cursor on the Feature Right Click
  • Undo Drawing Map
  • Redo Drawing Map
  • Insert Vertex
  • Delete Vertex
  • Delete Part
  • Delete Feature
  • Divide Feature
  • Combine Feature
  • Edit Feature Data
  • Move Distance
  • Move to X , Y
  • Move Settings
  • Set Pivot Point
  • Rotate – Scale
  • Rotate – Scale menu
  • Go to Feature in Google Earth
  • Bring Part to Front
  • Send Part to Back
  • Invert part Direction
  • Add New Vertex in Editing Part
  • Add New Part in Editing Feature
  • Length
  • Area
  • Stop Edit

D)  Move Settings

Editing Spatial Shape file
Menu Layers Move Settings
Press Ctrl while moving or Rotating or Scaling to apply movement on
  • This Vertex
  • This Part
  • This Feature
  • All Selected Features in Editing Layer
  • All Features in Editing Layer
  • All Selected Features in All Visible Layers (None Image)
  • All Features in All Visible Layers (None Images)

Press Shift while Moving to Snap    or   Press Alt while Moving to Right Angle

E)  Map View

Menu View

F)  Converting between Shape File types 2D & 3D (Point – Polyline – Polygon)

Converting Shape Type and Grouping
Menu Tools Convert Shape Type and Grouping
  • Select Destination Layer
  • Select Criteria (All Feature or  Inside Selected Features or Outside Selected Features)
  • Select Output Shape File
  • Select Output Shape File Type
  • Select Group By or Not
  • Select Summing Numerical Fields or Not
  • Select Group By Field

G)  Layer Properties

Layer Properties General Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties General
  • Select Visible or not
  • Select on which Layers, your selection will be applied
  • Select Show Vertex or Not
  • Select Vertex Width
  • Select Always show to view the layer all the time
  • Select Show When Scale between Min Scale and Max Scale

Layer Properties Color Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties Color
  • Select Draw Fore Color and  Draw Fill Color
  • Select Draw Mode
  • Select Draw Style
  • Select Draw Width
  • Select Draw Fill Style
  • Select Thematic Field and add Values and select each Value Colors, Mode, Style
  • Select Apply Color Ramp to change colors of all added values
Layer Properties Color Option : Add Thematic Value
Menu Layers Layer Properties Color Add

Layer Properties Color Option : Apply Color Ramp on Added Value
Menu Layers Layer Properties Color Apply Color Ramp
Layer Properties Selection Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties Selection
  • Select Selection Fore Color
  • Select Selection Fill Color
  • Select Selection Mode
  • Select Selection Style
  • Select Selection Width
  • Select Selection Fill Style
  • Select Selectable ( Snap to ) or Not

Layer Properties Edit Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties Edit
  • Select Edit Fore Color
  • Select Edit Fill Color
  • Select Edit Mode
  • Select Edit Style
  • Select Edit Width
  • Select Edit Fill Style
  • Select Editable ( Snap From ) or Not
  • Select Edit Vertex Width ( Snap Area )
Layer Properties Label Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties Label
  • Select Show Label or Not
  • Select Label Field Name
  • Select Label Font
  • Select Label Fore Color
  • Select Always show to view the layer all the time
  • Select Show When Scale between Min Scale and Max Scale
  • Select Refer Label Font Size to this Map Scale
  • Select Force Label Size to Fit Polyline length and polygon width

Layer Properties Hyperlink Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties Label
  • Select Identify Hyperlink or Not
  • Select Hyperlink Field Name
  • Select Open URL in Internet Explorer  
  • Select Open Using another Software (Please Select)

Attribute Data Table

A)  Modifying Dbf File Data Structure

Layer Properties Fields Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties Fields
  • Press Append Button to add new field at end of fields list
  • Press Insert Button to add new field above of the selected Field
  • Press Delete Button to delete the selected field  
  • Press Up Button to move Selected Field Up
  • Press Down Button to move Selected field Down
  • In the Field Name Columns, type a Unique Field Name
  • In the Type Columns, Select ( Character or Date or Logic or Numeric )
  • In the length Columns, Enter the field Length
  • In the Decimal Count Columns, Enter the number of Decimal digits
  • Press Modify Structure Button to apply the Field Modification

B)  Editing Data Table

Editing Data Table
Menu Layers Data Table
  • Undo Data Edit
  • Redo Data Edit
  • Select Features
  • Unselect Features
  • Delete Features
  • Undelete Features
  • Edit Feature Data
  • Cut Cells
  • Copy Cells
  • Past Cells
  • Fill Past
  • Fill Series
  • Clear Cells
  • Sort Rows Ascending
  • Sort Rows Descending

C)  Running VB script in Data Table Fields

Layer Properties VB Script Option
Menu Layers Layer Properties VB Script
  • Select Fields for Fields Name List
  • Select Number for VB Number Functions List
  • Select String for VB String Functions List
  • Select Date for VB Date Functions List
  • Select Conversion for VB Conversion Functions List
  • Select Logic for VB Logic Functions List
  • Select GIS Funcs for GIS Functions List
  • Select GIS Subs for GIS Procedures List
  • Press Apply & Run in All records
  • Note that "ARB" Prefix is Reserved
  • Select Run VB Script from File (to Load and Run External VB Script file)

D)  Editing One Feature (Record)

Edit Feature
Menu → Edit → Edit Feature Data


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