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Downloading mosaic Google Earth maps and rectify them automatically in their correct coordinates to Produce a big area Satellite images with high resolution by Smart GIS Map Editor and GPS Tracking 2017

How to Download Rectified Google Earth Images?
1 -  Open Google Earth 4.3 or Newer Versions ( It must be installed in your Computer )
2 -  Inside Google Earth, do the following Settings
  • Tools -> Options : Turn Off Terrain
  • Be Sure that North Arrow is completely very up by
  • View -> Show Navigation -> Always
  • Press Double Click on North
  • Be Sure that Google Earth is very Flat by:
    • Pressing keyboard Shift and keyboard Up Arrow.
    • Pressing Keyboard Ctrl and keyboard down arrow
    • View -> Reset ->  Tilt and Compass
3 - Close Google Earth and then reOpen Google Earth
4 -  In Smart GIS Map Editor Menu - > Tools - > Download Form Google Earth
5 -  Press Login Google Earth 4.3 or Newer Versions
6 -  Press Refresh Cords Button in Smart GIS Software to get Google Earth Position
7 -  Enter Your Lon & Lat Cords' and Scale Zoom
8 -  Press Go to
9 -  Press Import Rectified Image (Will Capture B&W Google Earth Map)
10 -  In Google Earth Software Press Save Image to overwrite the B&W Image File
12 -  In Smart GIS Map Editor
13 -  Reload Layer from Layers Menu to get colored rectified Image Menu - > Layers- > Reload Layer
14 -  Use Up, Down, Right, Left Buttons to navigate
15 -  Press "Go to Layer in Google" in Layers Menu (to find layer area in Google)
16 - Press "Go to Feature in Google" in Edit Manu (to find your area in Google)
17 - Check Shift Maps, If your Google version is 5 or later

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