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Smart GIS Map Editor Software is the First African Arabian Egyptian GIS and GPS Software which developed independently of any Commercial Software Package, or Code Library. 

Mohamed Elshayal, M.Sc., Hull University, UK
Salsabeel Mohamed Elshayal      and     Yaseen Mohamed Elshayal


Smart GIS Map Editor Software is the First African Arabian Egyptian GIS GPS software© which completely developed independently of any commercial software package or code library and it has been registered in 2005, and It is free for noncommercial use.


Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer program for storing, retrieving, analyzing, and displaying cartographic data. GIS is impacted by various sciences, which are integral to the GIS programming such as geographic, graphic, database, operating research, software engineering, software programming and code enhancement.

By applying

Those above mentioned techniques and sciences, to the GIS programming activities; we achieved our stable last version of Smart GIS Map Editor Software.

Current features:
1) Build and edit and digitize and view shape files and its related DBF files.
2) Spatial Analysis, Attribute Analysis, Surface Analysis, Network Analysis.
3) Download Google Earth rectified maps images and rectify raster images.
4) Convert Desktop GIS shape file to Autocad DXF file format and vise versa.
5) Convert Desktop GIS shape file to Google KML file format.
6) Convert Desktop GIS shape file and rectified images to html5 Web GIS and Mobile App.
7) Online GPS Tracking System
8) Convert Total Station files to GIS Shape files.
9) Convert Transverse Mercator to Geographic coordinates system and vise versa.

The software development process model is “waterfall model” or software life cycle. The fundamental development activities of the software are divided among several stages:
1) Requirements analysis and definition.
2) Software design.
3) Software implementation and testing.
4) Software integration.
5) Operation and maintenances.

Smart GIS software has been used in several World Bank projects in Yemen and Egypt, and it is recommended by United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure (Netherlands Coordination Office) website.

Mohamed Elshayal has been graduated from Cairo University - faculty of commerce in 1987 and since his graduation, He has worked as databases developer and GIS software programmer in many projects in Egypt and Yemen.
He has got his M.Sc. in management and planning from Hull University UK in 1998.
He is the founder of Smart GIS System in 2005, and since starting Smart GIS system and He is fully dedicated for developing and teaching Smart GIS system for users and students.
He has fixed bugs and developed hundreds of Smart GIS versions according to Smart GIS users' requirements.
He has illustrated tens of tutorials videos and He has participated in tens of professional meetings to explain Smart GIS Map Editor software functions.

For more information

GIS Map Editor Manual

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