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فيديوهات شرح منظومة سمارت جى اى اس Smart GIS Tutorials Videos
GIS Software Elshayal Smart GIS Mobile GPS
It is an Html5 web appliaction and Smart Phone Mobile application which view Shape and Data base files. It Gives the user the following functions:
  1. View Shapes and Date base layers
  2. Search , Query , and buffering with complete SQL power
  3. Calculate the shortest Path between 2 points
  4. Connect to and track the GPS readings and locations
  5. Draw Route based on the GPS Readings for drawing and updating maps
  6. Send the location of the Smart phone through a GPRS to an internet server for tracking several Smart phones with the other program such as GIS Elshayal Smart GIS Map Editor.
تسجيل منظومة سمارت جى اى اس  ايتيدا  Smart GIS Registeration in ITIDA

شهادات منظومة سمارت جى اى اس Smart GIS Certificates

Server side requirements
  • Windows Server IIS 5 or later 6,7,8
  • CGI supported Server
  • GPS users locations Data Base CGI Engine
  • GIS Shape file to KML CGI Engine
  • Google Maps – free web mapping provided by Google
  • GIS Shape files (Spatial and attribute data) of requested area
  • Search tools for both (Google Geo-coding and KML GIS Shape files )
Client Side requirements
  • Client HTML5 supported Browser
  • Client Java Script supported Browser
  • HTML and Java Script Designed web site
Basic requrements
  • Mobile GPS devices (Android, IPhone, IPad, etc.)
  • High bandwidth Server with Windows IIS on it
  • Good internet Connections


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