Intelligent Cities

Download Free Smart GIS Map Editor 2021 Ver. 21.01 :

Intelligent Cities Exhibition & Conference 2018

First African Arabian Egyptian 
Smart GIS Poster 
Intelligent Cities - 
Exhibition & Conference

First African Arabian Egyptian 
Convert GIS Shape to HTML Google 
Map Web GIS and Mobile GPS App
Elmanara Sci. TV Channel - 
Online GPS Tracking System
by Elshayal Smart GIS

Convert Shape files to HTML GIS Web 
and Mobile Application 
Sada Elbald. TV Channel - 
MCIT Protocols to support
Software industry in Egypt

Download Rectified Google Earth 
to get big High Resolution Satellite 
image by Elshayal Smart GIS
Sada Elbald. TV Channel - 
ITIDA MSE Funds for
Egyptian Programmers Companies

Real Time online GPS Tracking 
web site with Google Map API 3

Sada Elbald. TV Channel -
Subject: Online GPS Tracking
System in Egypt

Make Google Earth a Background
of GIS Elshayal Smart GIS Map 

Ignorance is the main obstacle 
that faces the software industry

Building Contours from GPS Field
Survey Points by Elshayal Smart GIS
Map Editor and Surface Analysis

Elmanara Sci. TV Channel: Facebook
& Twitter Social Networking in Egypt
by GIS Elshayal Smart GIS 

and Building Contours by GIS
Elshayal Smart GIS Map Editor 

Elmanara Sci. TV Channel -
Subject: ICT Innovation in Egypt
by GIS Elshayal Smart GIS 

GIS Software Elshayal Smart GIS First African Arabian Egyptian GIS Convert Shape files to HTML Web GIS and Mobile Application
Smart Africa Arab Egypt GIS GPS
Layers View
Layers Search
GPS Tracking
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Lng null
Speed null
Accuracy null
Altitude null
Auto Save

Google Search
Shortest Path

Click Point =
Lat: 00° 00' 00.000"
Lng: 00° 00' 00.000"
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Smart GIS Work Examples:-





North America

South America

Another Example

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Mohamed Elshayal


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